Printing Companies Agree – Shade Cloth Advertising Is Best!

Many printing companies work with a specific type of material called shade cloth. This cloth is effective for advertising due to its price as well as it’s versatility in printing. There are many benefits to using this material and we’ll touch base on what it is exactly below. If you’re new to the world of advertising, this is a hot material to use in marketing to your potential customers.

What is shade cloth?

Shade cloth is an extremely inexpensive way to help market your business as it’s not only low cost, but also available as an outdoor advertisement solution. Shade cloth features a professional look and reduces the amount of dust while providing UV ray protection for up to 70%.

Even in the harshest Australian environments, Shade cloth is one of the most durable products in the market and can last upwards of two straight years. Since it’s so low cost, this time frame is actually quite impressive. In comparison with banner mesh, shade cloth is far superior in economical value. The two are worlds apart in benefits and shade cloth is that of the future.

Shade cloth was originally made for greenhouses to keep it cooler in summer months, but soon turned out to be a great, cost-effective material to print on.

How is it affecting in advertising?

While there are many other effective ways to advertise outdoors, shade cloth is not only an inexpensive option to test out, but also an option that will serve you right. This helps when it comes to non-digital marketing as normal print marketing can become quite costly. When you have a cost efficient solution, you can save money while promoting your brand just the same.

The durability of the item and the cost of the item make it so that you don’t have to keep replacing and spending money, but you also don’t have to spend much to get it in the first place. Since the print quality on shade cloth is fantastic and far superior to other materials, you can grab the eye of the people you need without spending too much money.

The quality of the print on this material stays on in the most brutal weathers, with anti-fading abilities to keep your brand looking fresh. With the amount of money you can save by using this option, you can advertise in more places than expected and really stretch that outdoor advertising budget. Since digital marketing is where most of the budgets are usually located in terms of advertising, a low-cost solution like shade cloth is able to help you utilize every single dollar.

By appearing in more places, your marketing campaign will translate into conversions for your company as more people will see your brand and become aware. By choosing shade cloth over costly materials, you’re going to be receiving a quality advertising solution while saving money. What brand wouldn’t love to do that? Especially in a world where digital marketing is superior but print marketing is still holding on tight.